COVID-19 Testing

We currently have two types of viral tests (antigen and RT-PCR) that will detect an ACTIVE infection.

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

Antigen tests should be utilized to determine an ACTIVE infection with COVID-19. These tests are designed to detect pieces of protein from the virus that causes COVID-19 in respiratory specimens. Sample collection for our test requires a nasal swab, and results are typically provided by one of our pharmacists within 20 minutes. It is available for $120.

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COVID-19 Rapid PCR Test

PCR tests are a type of molecular test that detect viral RNA genes from the COVID-19 virus and can be used to determine an ACTIVE infection with COVID-19. While many PCR tests must be sent off to an outside lab for analysis, we can provide rapid results within 1 hour. The sample for the PCR test is collected via nasal swab. While this test is similar to the rapid antigen test, it is more specific and sensitive. This is why many airlines or international destinations may require a negative PCR test for entry. It is available for $225.

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Confused about what test you should receive? Please visit the CDC's website here.

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