We think taking medication should be simple. Don't you?

Harvest Drug & Gift has just started rolling out our life-changing new service called PakMyMeds™ that will help you simplify your medication routine.

PakMyMeds is a free pouch packaging service that helps people who are on multiple medications to manage their daily doses. We organize and package all your medications for you, removing all the hassle and guesswork. Your medications are sorted for you into convenient pouches marked by dosage, day, date and time.

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Say “goodbye” to pill bottles and “hello” to healthy living.

  • No more refill hassles.
  • No medication sorting.
  • No more med time confusion.
  • Get a 30-day supply at once.
  • Easily take your meds on-the-go.

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A service we offer at NO COST TO YOU!

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Visit PakMyMeds™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more.

PakMyMeds™ FAQ

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